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【Game Name】Echo - Our Voice
【Type】Action RPG
【Game Engine】RPG Maker XP
【Game Control】Keyboard only
【Language】English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
【Average gameplay time】2 to 3 hours
【Developing time】from 2010 to 2018 (On going)
【Develope team】Nobody Studio


  • Original opening movie
  • Original soundtrack
  • Skill tree system - 50+ skills for you to choose
  • Growth system - enhance your characters’ abilities base on what you do in every boss fights
  • 10+ Puzzles and little games
  • Configurable hotkeys
  • Different game difficulty for different players


Official Website : http://echo2010.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Echo2010.ourvoice/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/echo_ourvoice

Feel free to give any comment or feedback, 
and follow our fan page to get new updates in time.


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Echo_Demo2.05_EN.zip 240 MB

Development log


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hey i had a good idea to pass some time why dont you guys make a battle mode where you just onslaught mobs since the combat system is so fun but you guys also are working hard on story but this would be nice since the combat system is so well made

Sorry late for reply.
We'll reference your suggest.
Thank you like Echo so much. :)

noooo i finished demo its so good i dont want it to end

We are glad to heard that. We are develope Echo in hard.
You can follow our facebook/twitter to get informations in time. :)

loving this game its so well made also its frusterating how wind is so much more expensive but it makes sense since wind is much better offesive skills

You can try more skill combination. Water is good at heal. :)

hey for the first boss whats recommened level on hard mode

(Edited 1 time)

Sorry for late reply. You can use 7 or 8 level to fight.

any plans for a mac release?

Sorry, we are not planning to do it at this time. We may have to migrate our game to other game engines to support it.

when I do your website is it supposed to send me to google drive for download

Do you successfully download the game?

well it downloads but the program dosent run it keeps sending me to a list of downloads

(Edited 1 time)

Could you upgrade to version 2.02 and try it again? 

(In version 2.01, the program will require you to install font manually.  )

Patch download link

Installation instruction:

If it still not working, please report it to us, and try to install all fonts in the "Fonts" folder manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

thks for telling me it works now its nice to see a game with good rpg roots and a well built skill tree

it says this isnt availible on windows and ive tried but cant get it to work so what do i need

What is the error message? "Fail to create process" or something else?

it dosent give error it just fails and itch.io syas windows dosent work with it also by the preview this looks like an amazing rpg

Hmm.. haven't encountered this problem before. Could you take a snapshot of it? Or download the game directly from our website: https://echoourvoiceen.weebly.com/download.html

Im stuck at collecting the green crystal ball puzzle, what can i do to get ?

Did you finished the 8 of puzzle?
The last one you need to seek and put it on.

i haven't finished but i got one slate of the 8 of puzzle

i can't go to the 8 of puzzle there to put in on

Press "Space" to move the slate.

Finish the 8-puzzle first, and stand on the bottom left of the puzzle.

Press "Space" to put the ninth slate on it.

(Edited 1 time)

i can't go to the slate

Do i jump or ?

Yes. Just jump up :)

where do you get stuck?


cant play the game, a window show up and say fail to create process?


Could you tell me when the error message appeared?

We release for 32bit today.
Could you download again to try it? :)

text isnt working :(

Did you install the fonts for game?

yea i did

What is your OS and language setting? Is it working in other languages?

Could you go to C:\Windows\Fonts and check that if there have the following fonts (NotoSans-Regular, NotoSansCJKtc-Medium, NotoSansCJKtc-Medium, NotoSansCJKjp-Medium) in the folder?

Did the problem solved? If didn't, we've released a new version that can install the fonts automatically. Hope this will fix the problem.


How far can I go in this game? 


Do you mean the length of the demo or the plot or something else, 
sorry I don't quite get that.


wow... looks pretty neat.. are working alone for this game? i really cant imagine how you get rid of boredom when doing it.


ah.. after im checking you website, i see you have some team for that.. kudos for you all. 

Thank you for comment.
We are the small team for making game.
Now we only have 7 people. 
But we will try our best to finish this game. :)

Amazing work! I'm a little sad that it's amde with RMXP because of the resolution restrictions - but the combat is so fluid! I can't wait for the full release.

Thank you!
We are so sorry about RMXP resolution restrictions.
You can give more feedback to make our full release more better. :)



Thank you! Have a nice time. :)


Nice trailer!!


Thank you! Have a nice time. :)