Version 2.1.0 is up

Hello all!

This time, a lot of changes have been made.
Please download the Ver 2.10 to try some new.
The old save data can be used.
If there have something bug, please tell us.
Thank you!
(Although today is April Fool's Day,
we release the version is True!)

What's New in Echo 2.1.0

[New Features]

1. The game is controller supported now.
2. New key setting interface.
3. Bosses will show their abnormal states now.
4. Enemies will keep respawning in hidden maps now.
5. Hints will pop up in some UI section when the party has more than one member.

[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed a bug that casting ultimates can be interrupted by dodging.
2. Fixed an issue that Incinerate can not be casted normally.
3. Fixed the animation bug after switching from paralyzed characters.
4. Wrong describtion in item gainning.
5. Character levels display error in Note's challenge page.
6. Fix the bug that enemies won't react when getting hit after respawned.


1. You can now re-challenge bosses after failling a boss fight.
2. Casting animations of ultimates can be cancelled by pressing cancel key.
3. Skill describtion in English and Japanese.
4. Remove item cooldown, adjustments in healing amount.
5. Adjustments in skill damage, casting time and cooldown.
6. Some adjustments of controller setion in menu.
7. Attack key combined with confirm key, and jump key combined with cancel key.
8. Adjustments in Note's key config.
9. Some changes in Tutorial.
10. Health regenerating speed up.
11. Adjustments in game difficulty.
12. Adjustments in weapons attacking range.
13. Some adjustments in walking.
14. Some adjustments in leaping and jumping.
15. Pressing worng buttons is no longer considered failing in mini games, only missing buttons is considered failing now.
16. The "turn page" hint in notebook is displayed in upper-right corner now.
17. Some adjustments in enemy taking hits.
18. Increase statistic in growing system result.
19. Adjustments in skilltree's display.
20. Map transfer point adjustment.

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Mar 31, 2018

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