“The Future” - Echo theme song.

Hello guys!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, was everyone doing well?
Whether you had a good day or not, we can not relive the past.
Future is like an adventure, no one can knows what will happen next.
But no need to be afraid, just keep your head up and face whatever life brings you.

Today we are proud to show you our theme song that we’ve been working on for quite a while.
And here it is: “The Future” - Echo theme song.
Please leave your comment to show us what you think of our song.

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Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you! :)

What a wonderful song! What language is it in, and who sung it?


It is Chinese. A friend of friends sung. :D

Well if you could, somehow tell her she sung wonderful! The opening animations are great too, good job guys.

We are glad to heard that. Thank you! :)