Version 2.2.0 is up

Hello all!
This time we bring many update.
We add Español for Demo.
Please give more improve or advise.
Thank you! 😃

What's New in Echo 2.2.0

[New Features]
1. Add title screen operation guide.
2. First appearance of the boss name.
3. Rechallenge boss's death animation.
4. Status page switches between growing and ungrown values.
5. Spanish language. (Between funding and time, the Full version does not necessarily have to.)
6. Autosave system.
1. Opening movie can't play.
2. Cure skills can resurrect characters.
3. The backup teammate levelup animation will show in front of the menu.
1. The ole movement path in story.
2. Enemy's death animation performance.
3. When character critical, the screen will not shake.
4. Solved the puzzle will some reward, skipping without reward but without negative effects.
5. The boss's name of the challenge system be display.
6. Some keyboard buttons can be set as function buttons.
7. Jump decision adjustment.
8. Dialogue text layout adjustment.
9. Select text move to the center.
10. Save and Load page operation adjustment.

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Feb 03, 2019

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